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What's in a fart?

Did you know that no two people's farts smell the same? Where do farts come from? What are they made of? How much weight do you lose when you fart? Why are they so funny? Talking about farts may seem like an immature topic, but fart science is actually quite educational. Take their chemistry for example: the gas that makes up a fart comes not only from the atmospheric gas that you've swallowed, but also your unique combination of gut flora in your intestines that release certain chemicals which make your fart smell special to you!

Everyone farts about one pint of flatulence every day. Sound like a lot? Well it is, and that gas composes mass that you're losing every time you let one fly. In fact, the average mass of one fart is three hundredths of a gram. And to imagine that such a tiny emission of mass can make an impressive noise? The way your farts sound is in fact determined by their speed and the shape of their exit. It's just physics in action!

But you better be wary of holding in your farts if you aren't keen on letting one rip on that first date. The chemicals in the fart can actually be reabsorbed into your bloodstream, making their way to your lungs, where you will eventually breathe them out. Talk about fart breath!
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