MAY 04, 2017 8:30 AM PDT

This Desktop-Sized Printer Puts Vinyl Skins on Your Smartphone

WRITTEN BY: Anthony Bouchard

As 3D printing becomes a more popular industry, we're quickly moving away from the notion that printers can only produce printed sheets of paper. In fact, there've been numerous advancements in 3D printing technology that allow it to span across a number of different uses.

One advancement is the Contour, which is a new desktop-sized printer that puts down a layer of 3M vinyl on any smartphone or tablet to give it a sense of style.

You're probably used to applying smartphone skins as stickers, but the Contour quite literally 3D-prints the skin right onto your smartphone without the need to adhere anything yourself. Even cooler is that the vinyl can be peeled off of the smartphone at any time, just like Plasti-Dip-type paints.

Contour uses software to monitor the placement of the device and is smart enough to avoid logos, cameras, and buttons. That said, it works with all sizes of smartphones and tablets and just about any brand.

Technology is awesome.

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