MAY 05, 2017 9:24 AM PDT

California's explosion of wildflower wonder

California's superbloom of wildflowers is bringing seekers of beauty from all corners of the world - and rightly so, an explosion of wildflowers so gigantic has not been seen in over a lifetime. The colors of pastures filled with flowers can even be seen from outer space. The Temblor Range is one famous place for wildflower enthusiasts. Part the Carrizo Plain, it is now covered in blue, purple, orange and yellow flowers and vibrant green foliage and some tourists have even seen pronghorns, or American antelopes, slipping between the flowers.

Following years of severe drought, the phenomenon covering California's hills will last about a month. April and May are the best times for seeing the wildflowers before warmer weather starts in the summer. California has had flooding this winter due to all the precipitation it has received; consequently mountain snow packs are currently at 164% of the season average. This may explain the burst of the super bloom. To see more footage of the amazing beauty, you can look for photos with the #trackthebloom tag. It's not to be missed!
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