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What does your body language say about your personality?

You might not have analyzed how the position in which you sit or stand speaks to your personality, but there are some generic styles of body language that do in fact shed light on how someone sees her or himself. Take the way you hold your legs when sitting, for example. For men, sitting with one leg crossed over the other can demonstrate a closed, tense, or formal personality or situation; meanwhile, sitting with one leg crossed over the other but in a more open stance can show confidence and even an argumentative nature. Additionally, a "man leg spread" often points towards a dominant personality of someone who likes to be in charge.

We can preform the same analysis for the way women sit as well. Women in many cultures are more oppressed in their body language by cultural norms and clothing, which results in more sitting positions with crossed legs. One of these is the ankle lock, with one of the legs posed behind the other. This position often represents fear or repression. On the other end of the personality spectrum is the position of sitting with legs together but not crossed; this usually implies confidence and a certain amount of power and authority.

Other gestures and ticks such as nail drumming, hair twirling, finger biting, eye twitching, head scratching, and mouth wrinkling all also indicate particular emotions and personalities in certain circumstances. The positions of arms and hands and chests are very telling of situational sentiments as well. Watch the video to learn more!
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