MAY 17, 2017 7:34 AM PDT

Meet the Real-Life Iron Man Flight Suit

WRITTEN BY: Anthony Bouchard

Lots of people are fans of the superhero Iron Man. The story of a filthy-rich super genius who built himself a suit with weapons, flight, and an augmented reality system echo loudly in the minds if Marvel fans, but now real everyday people are trying their hand at crafting similar equipment that enables flight.

One man named Richard Browning tried to make himself a hovering suit that works similarly to the way Iron Man's suit does in the movies. Thrusters are attached to Browning's back for the main flotation force, and then to each of his arms for both stability and control.

It's unlikely that any ordinary person would muster the body strength required to control themselves in mid-air with these thrusters. Browning himself needed to work out regularly to keep his body physically fit enough to overpower the thrust.

He claims the experience of hovering with the thruster suit is a lot like "riding a bicycle in three dimensions."

Browning has since begun his own business in which he hopes to expand the technological development behind hovering suits similar to his. Perhaps in due time, hover suits will be a common sight rather than those blasted hover boards that everyone's riding on these days.

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