MAY 24, 2017 6:20 AM PDT

Baking Soda Shortage Delays Several Life-Saving Surgeries

WRITTEN BY: Anthony Bouchard

Baking soda solution (sodium bicarbonate) is used as an essential ingredient in a number of hospital-based remedies, including but not limited to chemotherapy, open-heart surgery, poison antibodies, and several others. Sadly, however, there appears to be a backing soda shortage.

There was recently a bit of hubbub on the internet about many kinds of high-profile surgeries, such open-heart surgery, being postponed due to the shortage. Some patients were even transferred from one hospital to another just so the surgery could be performed.

Unfortunately, this nationwide shortage of the solution is causing quite a bit of scare and there's no solid timeframe for when supplies may restock at their typical levels. Current speculation has estimates ranging from 2-3 months or more in the future, which can be difficult news for those expecting surgery to get better.

The problem has to do with the companies that manufacture the solution. Apparently, things are a bit hectic right now internally, and it's resulting in a low yield of supply. The U.S. FDA is reportedly working closely with the two main manufacturers, Pfizer and Amphastar, to attempt to smooth out the issues.

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