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A Physics Whiz Kid Graduates

It's graduation season, and at colleges and universities all over, there are young adults going off with their newly minted degrees. Some younger than others. Carson Huey You, graduated from Texas Christian University in the class of 2017 with a degree in physics. From an early age he loved math and actually started learning calculus at age three. By the age of 5 he was in 8th grade and he earned his high school degree when he hit double-digits at the age of 10.

Moving on to college, he chose physics as his major, with a double minor in math and Chinese. Physics professor Magnus Rittby at TCU was a mentor to Huey, working with him on advanced quantum mechanics and theoretical physics, while treating him the same as his older classmates. Huey plans to continue in the field of physics, beginning graduate work in the fall for his masters and he hopes to complete his PhD in particle physics as well. He's an expert in Newton's Laws, but he's too young to legally drive a car. His younger brother, aged 11, will be a freshman at Texas Christian so soon, Huey will have a study buddy a bit closer to his own age.
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