JUN 16, 2017 4:39 PM PDT

Tracking Ebola to its Source

WRITTEN BY: Carmen Leitch

Some scientists are especially dedicated to their work. Take those trying to survey bats living deep in Africa near the site of some Ebola outbreaks in the Congo, searching for what is thought to be the source of the Ebola virus. This video takes you along to see what they face in their search. They have to travel far and work through the night to accomplish their task, trapping hammer-headed fruit bats that are tagged and measured or assayed in a variety of ways.

This important work helps us understand zoonotic diseases (those that make the jump from one species to another), knowledge that is becoming increasingly important as the size of the human population gets larger and we continue to push into the rapidly diminishing habitat left to wildlife. Live Ebola virus has never been isolated; to do so would be a huge achievement. The ultimate goal of course, would be to stop Ebola before it ever escapes its origins.
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