JUN 29, 2017 8:12 AM PDT

Uranus is a Weird Place

WRITTEN BY: Anthony Bouchard

Of all the planets residing in the Solar System, Uranus is quite possibly the weirdest of them all, as it has some planetary properties that are both odd and unique compared to the rest of the planets orbiting our Sun.

Among those, the planet rotates on a 98º tilt, which is almost vertical rather than horizontal. Moreover, the planet even has a magnetic field that tilts 60º, which means it's unstable and wobbles from side to side, allowing solar radiation to impact Uranus from time to time.

For comparison, Earth has a magnetic field that's level with the planet's equator, and Earth has a 23º tilt. These qualities make Earth's magnetic field strong and stable.

Taking advantage of Uranus' existence in our Solar System to learn more about its strange qualities could help us to better understand gassy Uranus-like exoplanets in other systems in the galaxy, many of which are too far away to study up close with probes.

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