SEP 21, 2017 1:21 PM PDT

Welcome to Octlantis - A City for Octopi

WRITTEN BY: Anthony Bouchard

A new 'octopus city' is turning our understanding of how octopi co-exist with one another upside-down. While researchers have always considered these creatures to be somewhat asocial, the octopi in this region behave quite differently.

The city is being nick-named "Octlantis" because it's a fitting name for the area. While it's certainly an interesting find, it's not the only octopus 'city' ever discovered. Another one was found nearby in 2009, and nicknamed "Octopia."

Inside these cities, the octopi seem to interact with others more frequently than researchers ever expected. In some cases, the interactions came in the form of brawls instead of friendly gestures.

Having found another octopus city like this below the ocean's surface, researchers are now considering that this behavior might be more widespread than initially believed. The notion that octopi are more social than expected means that we have much to learn about the creatures.

Further research could help us learn more about octopus behavior and these strange gatherings that experts are calling "octopus cities."

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