NOV 07, 2017 4:04 AM PST

Notre Dame Changes Health Care Plan

Students at Notre Dame who elect to use the university's health insurance plan will see a change in that plan. Students who use birth control pills will no longer have coverage for that prescription. Notre Dame is a Catholic university, and the Church stands opposed to birth control; however, mandates in the Affordable Care Act required insurers to cover birth control pills. Since President Trump was elected, many parts of the ACA have been changed, and the university is taking advantage of those changes to end coverage for the Pill.

Contraception has been a controversial topic regarding health care coverage. The Trump administration has said that non-governmental organizations can elect to deny coverage of birth control if they have a "religious or moral objection." Several states have challenged this roll back. Notre Dame has said that students who are taking the birth control pill for health reasons, or for treating a medical condition, would still have coverage. Estimates are that 58% of women who use oral contraception use it for a health reason or to treat an illness or condition like endometriosis, acne or irregular menstrual cycles.
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