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Can you really be lucky?

Do you consider yourself to be lucky? Sometimes we just have those days, or moments even, when everything seems to shine in our favor, and if you ever stopped to ponder it, you might find an interesting result: believing you are lucky can actually make you lucky.

That may sound crazy but there are actually several studies that support this finding. One of these studies took a group of students mini-golfing and told half of them that the ball they were using to try to putt their holes-in-one were lucky. The other half of students just got "normal" balls. Now, of course, the balls were exactly the same and there was nothing "lucky" about them, but the group that thought they were using the charmed ball ended up performing 35% better on their golf game. How about that for good luck?

Another study tested people who claimed to have lucky charms. Half of the people tested were given a quiz and were able to keep their lucky charms while taking it; the other half were given the same quiz but were not able to keep their lucky charms. The results of the study showed that the people who got to keep their lucky charms performed better on the quiz. But is this really because of a lucky charm? The scientists who conducted the quiz also asked the participants how they felt before taking it and found that those participants with charms felt more confident than those who had been stripped of their charms. Which is where the scientists believe the real luck lays - in believing in yourself. Want to learn more about how to make yourself lucky? Watch the video!
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