NOV 14, 2017 6:36 AM PST

Some Workers Less Likely to Get Cancer Screenings

Screenings for certain types of cancer are essential to maintaining good health. Breast cancer, cervical cancer, and colorectal cancers are all highly treatable when detected early. A study conducted by the American Cancer Society showed that overall, most Americans are getting screened for these diseases showing that 84% of female workers are screened for cervical cancer, 69% for breast cancer and 57% for colon cancer. While those numbers are acceptable, there are some gaps in specific industries.

The ACS report found that in companies with fewer than 25 employees, the likelihood of employees being screened for these forms of cancer is much lower. Specifically, food service workers, construction workers, and sales workers at smaller companies were up to 30% less likely to have these screenings. In most cases, it was because of lower incomes and a lack of insurance. Other factors like transportation and the availability of care in some communities also could be reasons for the lower rates of health screenings. The ACS advised that more education is needed as well as more resources for patients who might fall through the cracks.
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