NOV 22, 2017 7:08 PM PST

Too Much Christmas Music Could Be Bad For You

If you've been putting off cranking up the Christmas tunes, you might be mentally healthier than some who start with the fa la la la la months ahead of the holiday. By now, Christmas music can be heard almost anywhere. Some major market radio stations have turned to a 24/7 program of all holiday music all the time. It's piped into stores and blares on television ads, and some experts say that the constant barrage of halls being decked and holly being hauled out can be mentally exhausting. Especially for retail employees who spend hours a day in shops that blast jingling bells and holly jolly sentiments on a repeating loop.

Linda Blair, a clinical psychologist in the United Kingdom, told Sky News that the mental energy required to tune out the music could be draining. It's known that music can evoke an emotional response, and during the busy holiday season, it can be a trigger for the stress of shopping, traveling, cooking large meals and dealing with family dynamics. While the retailers have found that the right Christmas music spurs shoppers to buy more than they usually would, it can still be grating on employees. So while it might be the most wonderful time of the year, popping in a CD of Guns and Roses now and then might just keep the stress at bay.
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