JAN 16, 2018 5:56 AM PST

Improving Your Diet? Lose the Processed Foods

It's no secret that whole foods are better for you than processed foods. It's hard to give up some treats though, like chips, hot dogs or other junky but fun snacks. At first, there could be physical signs of sugar cravings, headaches or irritability, but stick with it. Once a habit of choosing a piece of fresh fruit over a bag of fatty chips is established, you'd be surprised at how your tastes change. What you loved before might now seem greasy or taste off.

Reading labels is the way to start. Often we don't realize what's in some of the food we eat. Chemicals, high levels of salt, fat, and sugar will all be listed on the nutrition labels of food and looking at these is crucial to understanding what it's your snacks and treats. After a while, most people who transition away from processed foods find that they have more energy, better mental focus and have usually lost some weight as well. What's not to like?
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