JAN 23, 2018 8:20 PM PST

How NASA Utilizes Origami for Spaceflight

WRITTEN BY: Anthony Bouchard

Rockets don't exactly have spacious cargo holds, and so NASA tries to make good use of every cubic inch of space they have. One way they do this is by folding things up to make them more compact.

Finding the most efficient way to pack a spacecraft into a cramped rocket's cargo hold is tough work, and that's why NASA hires origami experts to translate the ancient art of folding paper into the modern art of compacting space equipment.

Many parts of a spacecraft's physical structure, such as long and flat solar arrays, can be folded to utilize less space. Furthermore, NASA can automate the unfolding process in space when it's needed the most.

In addition to folding solar arrays that power spacecraft with renewable energy, NASA continues to experiment with different kinds of components. Without a doubt, it should be interesting to see how this research transforms the spaceflight industry going forward.

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