JAN 28, 2018 9:05 PM PST

Axolotls Can Regenerate More Than Just Their Tails...

WRITTEN BY: Anthony Bouchard

Axolotls are so unique in nature that scientific researchers can't seem to put them down. Unlike a bevy of other creatures, these salamanders can regenerate nearly any body part - given enough time, of course.

While many lizards can regenerate their tails when severed, that's mere child's play compared to what an axolotl can do. They too can regenerate their tails, but also limbs and portions of their brains or hearts, among other things.

And if the capabilities mentioned above didn't make axolotls cool enough already, researchers have also discovered that the creatures can repair their own spinal cords once severed.

So how do they do it? As it would seem, the creatures command cells near the injury to transform into stem cells, which later take new roles as the building blocks for missing body parts. They can form a myriad of different things, like bone, skin, and veins, just to name a few.

Perhaps by studying axolotls' self-healing processes up close, scientists can develop newer and more natural ways of treating people that suffer from significant injuries that an axolotl would just regenerate from.

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