MAR 15, 2018 7:53 AM PDT

St. Patrick's Day Science

Slainte! It's good to be a scientist on St. Patrick's day because when you know better, you do better. Understanding how alcohol acts on the brain and the body is critical, because as we all know, sometimes things get out of hand. This brave biologist has set to music all the chemistry and science that goes into making beer and how that science impacts the body. While moderation is essential, it's also good to understand that even just one beer will change a person's ability to plan, move safely, and make appropriate decisions. On holidays like Saint Patrick's day, it even appears that all this science could make you sing better.

Beer is a tradition on St. Patrick's Day, but it's important to understand that any amount of alcohol will definitely impact your health, your awareness and yes, even your perception of those around you. So lift a glass this year, if that's your thing. Sing a song of Saccharomyces cerevisiae-brewer's yeast---and celebrate safely. Cheers.
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I'm a writer living in the Boston area. My interests include cancer research, cardiology and neuroscience. I want to be part of using the Internet and social media to educate professionals and patients in a collaborative environment.
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