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A Look Back at the Human Genome Project

WRITTEN BY: Carmen Leitch

This video, from the National Human Genome Research Institute, has some anecdotes about the history of the human genome sequencing project from some of the researchers that were a part of this seminal work. 

A team was first assembled in 1989; some of those involved describe how the research got started, and how it progressed. The work also highlights how science can bring people from very diverse backgrounds together for a common goal.

It was tedious when it began, many essential technologies that would accelerate the research on a tremendous scale had not yet been created. Geneticists will probably laugh hearing Maynard Olsen, Professor Emeritus at the University of Washington, describe how incredulous people were when he first brought a computer with him to the genetics lab. They had no idea what would do with it. As the video explains, genetics and computing go hand in hand in today’s research labs.

Source: National Human Genome Research Institute

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