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Will edible water pods replace single-use bottles?


Are these edible water pods the next anti-single-use-plastic revolution? Called "Ooho" and made from a seaweed base, this uber-eco-friendly invention was created by Skipping Rocks Lab and is made of 100% plants and seaweed. The beauty of Ooho is its edible packaging can either be consumed or biodegrade in 4-6 weeks. And it doesn't just have to hold water! Imagine, your ketchup packet from some fast food restaurant in a seaweed pod that you can crush straight onto your burger! 

But, of course, the most exciting part of Ooho is that it produces five times less CO₂ using nine times less energy than PET (the type of plastic in single-use bottles) for a fraction of the cost! While Ooho isn't yet on the mainstream market, it is being sold at some events and the team at Skipping Rocks Lab hopes to get their fully-automated production machine up and running soon! Are you interested in trying one out for yourself? Contact Skipping Rocks Lab here!

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