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The Difference Between Marijuana and Hemp

WRITTEN BY: Amanda Kahl

What's the difference between Marijuana and Hemp? Watch the video below to find out exactly how they differ.

Both hemp and marijuana belong to the same genus, Cannabis, and the same species, Cannabis Sativa. To further explain, Cannabis is a category that contains both species of hemp and marijuana. The difference can be seen in both their physical properties and chemical properties. The hemp plant is tall and contains fewer leaves than a marijuana plant, which allows the whole plant to be used. While the marijuana plant is short and bushy and contains flowers that are cultivated for use. Another difference is in the amount of THC that is contained within each plant. Marijuana contains high amounts of THC while hemp contains only trace amounts of THC. 

Hemp can be used in a multitude of products from apparel to paper because of its low amounts of THC. This particular plant contains fibers that are long and robust allowing the versatile use of it in products such as resin, rope, cosmetics, and wax. Hemp can also be found in food because of hemp seeds nutritional value, studies have shown that "The consumption of raw hemp seeds can help lower blood pressure and cholesterol, accelerate weight loss, improve one's immune system, control blood sugar levels, and even reduce inflammation." 

The main difference between hemp and marijuana is the amount of THC that they each contain. However, they each belong to the genus Cannabis, and each provides distinct benefits. 

Sources: MedicalJane

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