OCT 31, 2018 10:02 AM PDT

How many times can you skip a stone?

What's your record for how many times you can skip a stone? Turns out the current world record for Most Consecutive Skips on the Water is 88 skips in one go. Think you can beat that?

From a physics perspective, models have actually predicted that the limit for the number of consecutive skips on the water could be much higher, but the reality of getting those skips is a different story. Listening to the world record-holder talk about his strategy in the video above, you'll start to understand that stone skipping is about much more than the strength with which you throw a stone, or even the angle. A lot of it is about the stone itself - what shape, size, width, material. (Watch the video to get the best tips on choosing your winning stone.)

But of course, to get in some high-skip throws, you also have to know how to really chuck it. Whether you're tossing with a spin or an overhead or a low-angle, you really want to make sure to get as much width in your throwing stance as you can so that the flat part of the rock hits the water's surface with as much speed as possible. To get more tips on stone-skipping (like how and where you want to make the first contact with the water) watch the video above and learn from the best!

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