DEC 07, 2018 7:23 PM PST

The Influence of Genetics on our Future

WRITTEN BY: Carmen Leitch

In recent decades, advances in genetic technologies have changed our world in many different ways, and it’s come at a rapid pace. DNA is used in areas as diverse as medical diagnostics and criminal forensics. This video explores how genetics might change the future.

An important point noted in the video is the general lack of knowledge about genetics, even among educated people. Disseminating accurate information will be vital to ensuring that people can benefit from advances in these technologies and that they're developed responsibly. For example, if we sequence a child’s genome at birth, the information that’s obtained must be protected, but who’s responsibility will that be, and how will the data be used? Society should be properly informed about genetics so that we can confront these questions.

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Experienced research scientist and technical expert with authorships on over 30 peer-reviewed publications, traveler to over 70 countries, published photographer and internationally-exhibited painter, volunteer trained in disaster-response, CPR and DV counseling.
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