APR 24, 2019 6:53 PM PDT

Have you ever heard of a pawpaw?

What's your favorite fruit? Fresh strawberries in the summer, or maybe crisp fall apples? What about a juicy pawpaw? 

A pawpaw? Now what is that! Often called many variations of this name, Asimina triloba is a small deciduous tree that is actually native to the eastern United States and Canada (you can find it in 26 states!) and its fruit is way more "American" than oranges or grapes or many of our other favorite produce. Interestingly enough, the tree is in a family with other tropical plants and it is the only species to grow as far north as it does. The tree produces a fruit that is large, yellowish-green to brown and its bark is a natural insecticide.

Want to know what it tastes like? In the video above, the people who try a pawpaw fruit have a wide range of reactions, so maybe you had best try it yourself! Watch the video to learn more about where you can find them and the history behind this little-known fruit. 

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