FEB 20, 2014 5:42 PM PST

Exoplanets - Are we unique in the universe?

WRITTEN BY: Don Cruikshank

This educational video series, brought to you by LabRoots, will focus on Exoplanets and the suggestion of "Are we unique in the universe?  Is there life elsewhere in our galaxy or in the universe?" LabRoots is the leading professional networking website designed to connect the scientific world leveraging a myriad of unique features, helping users discover meaningful collaborations across geographic boundaries and fields of expertise. Providing educational tools such as webcasts are part of LabRoots' ongoing effort to help science and technology professionals better communicate and disseminate information among each other, effectively educating users on the latest discoveries and innovations in their area of expertise.
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I received my college education in Computer Science attending several colleges including the University of Oregon. For 40 years I worked for Fortune 500 company, Beckman Coulter, eventually becoming Vice President in charge of Beckman Coulter's global IT infrastructure and leading the Information Technology organization. After retiring from Beckman Coulter I joined Scientist Solutions in 2006 as CIO. During the two years with Scientist Solutions, I was responsible for a face-lift of the web site and for taking the underlying infrastructure to a new level providing structure, discipline and a world-class operation.<br> Since 2008, as partner and COO of LabRoots, I have helped to develop the company into a very prominent social networking site for all sciences. Also as a director, we have produced virtual conferences and webinars for Life Science, Clinical Diagnostics, Laboratory Animal Sciences, along with many custom events.
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