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Here Are Some Facts You Might Not Have Known About Dreams

WRITTEN BY: Anthony Bouchard

While you sleep, you might have a dream. There are different kinds of dreams you can have, and typically, you experience between 4-5 dreams every night that you experience a good night of sleep.

But you might ask yourself, if you dream this many times, why is it that you can never remember anything? As it turns out, you are likely to forget 90% of what you had just dreamt about within just minutes of waking up.

Dreams can be good or bad. Good dreams are typically associated with happy thoughts; lucid dreaming is an example, where the person can actually somewhat control themselves in their dream. Bad dreams, typically called nightmares, are dreams where bad thoughts overcome the dream and leave you feeling bad about something when you wake up.

As dreaming occurs, the eyes shift back and forth, up and down, and all around in what is known as REM (rapid eye movement). During this time, your brain is processing information very quickly.

The next time you dream, and wake up, try to recall as much of your dreams as you can and jot down what you can remember in a notebook. Sometimes you can learn a lot from what you dream about, since your brain does a lot of problem solving in your dreams.

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