AUG 13, 2015 10:28 PM PDT

Meet the World's Oldest Living Cat, Corduroy

WRITTEN BY: Anthony Bouchard

It's not every day that the Guinness World Records team recognizes a cat for being the oldest living pet cat to walk the Earth, so you can imagine that when they name one, it's somewhat of a big deal.

26-year old Corduroy celebrated his Birthday in Sisters, Oregon on the first of August of this year. This is an impressive age for this type of animal, as the average life expectancy of a pet cat is typically around 15 years.

Notably, Corduroy's brother, named Batman, lived 19 years before his passing, so this particular cat must come from a bloodline of healthiness. The Reed family, who takes care of Corduroy, has had the cat since their daughter was 7 years old.

The record for the longest-lived cat is 38 years, but that cat is no longer with this world. Corduroy is the oldest living cat, meaning he's still walking around to this day. We hope he celebrates many more Birthdays, as he doesn't even really look old yet!

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