AUG 20, 2015 9:15 AM PDT

Here's Why the Moon Could Be Responsible for Life on Earth

WRITTEN BY: Anthony Bouchard

Scientists continue to be baffled by what may have been the recipe for life here on Earth. There are tons of theories; but one of the latest ones yet that actually makes sense is that the Moon, which orbits the Earth, could have been responsible for creating the conditions necessary for early life to thrive on Earth.

Since the Moon was much closer to the Earth when it was younger, it would have had much more of a dramatic effect on the planet's tides, making waves taller (in the miles instead of feet), and providing the ability of essential minerals and ingredients for life to mix and grow on the planet's surface.

It is thought that water and minerals mixed up into small warm bubbling pools on the planet's surface were the building blocks for some of the first instances of life, which would later evolve into what life has become now.

Earth has a huge moon when compared to the planet itself; many of the other planets in our Solar System have multiple moons, but they're pretty small compared to the actual planets. This gives Earth some unique qualities, which would have made conditions optimal for life.

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