OCT 06, 2015 10:36 AM PDT

North Carolina Research Campus Studies How To Live Longer

WRITTEN BY: Kara Marker

In Kannapolis, North Carolina, there's a research campus devoted to "redefining the future of healthcare" by joining public and private institutes to study human nutrition.

Organizations like UNC-Chapel Hill, Dole Foods, NC State, Appalachian State, NC A&T, UNC-Charlotte, Duke University and more have combined their talents on one campus to study individualized nutrition, the benefits of eating fruits and vegetables, the science behind healthy exercising, and more.

In a large-scale initiative called the Murdock Study (named after Dole Foods owner and the campus' creator and benefactor, David H. Murdock), scientists aim to "reclassify chronic human conditions."

Throughout the campus, scientists study nutrients, fatty acids, gut bacteria, genetics, and more to expand knowledge surrounding human nutrition. Before too long, the North Carolina Research Campus in Kannapolis is projected to become the center of nutrition research.
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