OCT 28, 2015 8:28 AM PDT

Watch These Surfers Ride a Glacial Tidal Wave

WRITTEN BY: Anthony Bouchard

In any normal conditions, you'll find surfers at the beach catching waves that break as they reach land where the waters are shallower, but for two extreme surfers, the beach isn't enough of a challenge.

You'll find these two surfers not in the warm basking place that many call the beach, but rather where the oceans are very cold; cold enough to keep glaciers afloat in the ocean. If you don't like cold water, grab a wakeboard or a wakesurf board and head to a warm lake instead. But these two surfers are different.

The two surfers wait for the right time to ride tsunami waves that occur when parts of the glacier break off and fall into the ocean. Thanks to the close proximity of the wave to the glacier combined with the shallow waters, the surfers don't have to wait for the wave to break either; it's already surf-ready!

This isn't surfing for the regular surfer, this is surfing to the extreme!

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