NOV 06, 2015 8:58 AM PST

Here's Why Some Experts Think Animals Mourn Over Their Dead

WRITTEN BY: Anthony Bouchard

Here's an interesting thought: do animals mourn over their lost loved ones?

You'll find most of the human population thinks that because animals don't have the intellectual capacity that humans do, that they can't feel all the same feelings that we do. On the other hand, scientific evidence suggests otherwise.

Multiple times in the past, animals have been witnessed by experts and even general passerby grieving to their fallen loved ones. There are examples of crows, chimpanzees, dolphins, and even elephants, stopping to pay their respects to another of their species that has passed away.

What makes them different from just a group of animals doing their own thing? It seems that under moments of grief, the body language is completely different. Even under imminent threat of a predator, animals grieving will stay in danger to protect their fallen loved one. Animals have also been known to gently stroke, or carry their fallen loved ones.

While animals may not carry ritualistic funeral traditions like humans do, there appears to be solid evidence that they can feel emotions related to extreme sadness and that they will care for their loved ones even after death.

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