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Most of Today's Common Knowledge About Female Sexuality May Be False

WRITTEN BY: Anthony Bouchard

When we think of the difference between men and women sexually, it's pretty much common knowledge (right or wrong) that men are like savage animals that think about sex all day long and that women are passive about everything and can take it or leave it.

Despite the fact that this is exactly what most people will tell you, there is scientific evidence to suggest that women can be, and are, the same way; in other words, suggesting that women can be just as hungry for sexual pleasure as men are.

In laboratory testing in Canada, women were asked to judge their sexual response to certain sights, whether it was an image of a handsome man, or something else intended to try and stimulate them. They would then say whether or not they were stimulated by the sight, and rate the urges they had.

In addition to the manual answers put in by the women, the testing involved the use of a plethysmograph, or a device that can measure the blood flow to the vagina. It has found that even when a woman answered that they weren't stimulated by the sight and reported low urges, blood flow activity to the vagina increased, which would appear to contrast their answer.

Although the data doesn't label women as the same kind of "savage animal" that men have been labeled in today's society sexually, it does suggest that women can have just as dirty of minds as guys do and that their intentions can be quite the same in their minds.

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