NOV 29, 2015 11:51 PM PST

Science is Behind the Efforts of Trying to Save Coral Reefs From Extinction

WRITTEN BY: Anthony Bouchard

Coral reefs are in danger of extinction. They're protected, and are a critical part of wild marine life in our oceans. But they're dying quickly, and scientists are trying to prevent them from dying out completely.

As they die, they go through a process known as bleaching, which is where they begin to lose their algae that they rely on, removing their color, and turning them into dead, white reefs.

Scientists are experimenting with small coral samples by exposing them to conditions that will hopefully aid them in survival for the future world. This includes warmer waters, more light, and other conditions that climate change is imposing on our waters.

The hope as that these samples will bring these genes to the next generation of coral reefs and that we can expand their existence to another generation that has already adapted to the changes. These are being called "super corals."

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