JAN 22, 2016 12:28 PM PST

Rudeness Is Infectious, and You Aren


We know that some human emotions, like laughter and sadness, are infectious. But new research in human behaviors also shows that rudeness is as contagious, and can even spread like a disease.

The consequences of negative behaviors have been commonly studied in the workplace. In the work environment, researchers have observed that people tend to imitate the behaviors of others. For rude behaviors, this can easily spiral out of control and affect everyone, top to bottom. Unsurprisingly, rudeness at work engenders more conflicts while reducing work satisfaction, efficiency, and loyalty.

But does this mean that our negative actions and behaviors are sometimes not a fault of our own? This may be the case in some circumstances. However, awareness of the contagiousness of rudeness can be a powerful antidote to stopping the spread of the misery.
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