FEB 11, 2016 4:55 AM PST

New Guidelines on How Much is Too Much

While most people have heard the expression "All things in moderation" new research from the UK says that there is no amount of alcohol that is perfectly safe. In a new study from Cancer Research UK, the experts caution against having more than one drink a day. Spreading out the drinking doesn't seem to help either. Scientists cautioned that drinking a little every day was really no different than having more than a few drinks only once in a while

The new research shows that up to 4% of cancer cases in the UK can be traced back to alcohol use. The new guidelines also discount the benefits of some alcohol for the prevention of heart disease, at least in men. Women over 55 can still have a small amount of red wine. Check out this video to see more about the stricter guidelines now in place in the UK.
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