MAR 18, 2016 10:29 PM PDT

More on unsustainable fishing practices: dynamite in Tanzania

The above short film was produced by members of the Buyuni Beach Management Unit (BMU) in Dar es Salaam, Tanzania. As a follow-up to a recent article regarding the dangers of using cyanide in fishing practices, this video gives a first-hand view of how dynamite, another common fishing practice, is impacting a coastal community in East Africa. Showing various perspectives from local fishermen, BMU members, and conservation activists, the video clearly highlights not only the substantial ways that an environmental crisis influences people, but also how people are banding together to have their own influence for future generations even amidst an uncooperative government. (There are two parts to this video.)
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Kathryn is a curious world-traveller interested in the intersection between nature, culture, history, and people. She has worked for environmental education non-profits and is a Spanish/English interpreter.
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