MAR 27, 2016 4:11 PM PDT

The Most Powerful Rocket in the World is Under Construction

WRITTEN BY: Anthony Bouchard

The construction of the most powerful rocket ever to leave the surface of the Earth is underway at NASA. Known as the SLS rocket, it will be responsible for taking the Orion spacecraft into space for deep space missions.

The super strong rockets strapped to the side of the main rocket will be designed to take payloads as heavy as 80,000 tons, and provide approximately 75% of the thrust needed. The remaining 25% of thrust is provided by four RS-25 engines, which are tried and true engines that were originally featured on NASA's space shuttle.

Still, this is only the initial testing for such a rocket system. NASA says they're also testing even more powerful rockets, which in the future could be able to transport more than 140 tons of materials, which would be perfect for mankind's habitation on other planets or even the Moon.

The future of space travel technology is expanding at an incredible rate. It won't be long now before the first humans get to land on Mars.

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