JUL 08, 2016 6:53 AM PDT

Cancer Books Win Awards

Two major organizations that give out awards for excellence in book publishing have recognized the American Cancer Society for two books they recently published. The first, "My Cancer Days" written by Courtney Filigenzi and illustrated by Nicole Tadgell was selected for an award by the International Book Awards committee for its excellence at explaining how children with cancer cope with their illness. The illustrations, done in bright watercolors, appeal to children and adults alike by showing how cancer is dealt with by children and their families.

The second book, "How to Help Your Friend With Cancer" by Colleen Dolan Fulbright was selected by the Independent Book Publishers Association for a Benjamin Franklin Award. The book shows how people who have friends or close family members dealing with cancer can be most helpful. The American Cancer Society has published dozens of books on cancer care, treatments and the impact of cancer on patients and families.
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