JUL 19, 2016 11:35 AM PDT

A Car That Not Only Drives, But Flies!

WRITTEN BY: Anthony Bouchard

How many times as a kid did you imagine the day when automobiles would be equipped with flight capabilities? Seeing the Back to the Future movie series probably fueled the notion that it would have happened by now, but we're still driving regular land cars to this day.

Despite the fact that the cool idea never really caught on for automobile manufacturers, that's not to say that the technology doesn't exist. In this video, we see a really small land vehicle that's light-weight enough to transform into a helicopter-like flying vehicle.

The rotors can be tucked away when in land mode, and the engine transfers its power to the wheels to make a little speedy land vehicle that handles impressively well on turns and curves.

The overall size of the little vehicle is nothing like a full-sized car. It's more like a little go-cart with a helicopter-like body. Nevertheless, it looks like a really fun hobby vehicle that one could take on a ride, whether it's a test track, or the air.

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