JUL 21, 2016 5:22 AM PDT

Advanced Scanning for Cervical Cancer

There have been great strides in the fight against cervical cancer. The HPV vaccine has lowered the number of cases dramatically, as has the increased use of pap smear testing and better technology for reading those tests. In the United Kingdom, cases of cervical cancer have dropped 44% since the 1970s. Still, the disease persists and any advance is welcome. At a hospital in Manchester England, a new scanner could be another weapon in the fight to help more women survive cervical cancer

The DySIS Map is a scanner that The DySIS Colposcope is a high resolution digital colposcope that uses proprietary software to generate a map of the aceto-whitening reaction of a smear test.The DySISmap is then overlaid on the live image of the cervix to help with the identification of the most relevant biopsy sites. The scanner is much more effective that traditional techniques that rely on a physician having to observe the cervix without any additional imaging.
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