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Are Female Orgasms Really More Intense Than Males?

Orgasms are phenomenon that occur during sexual intercourse when two partners are intimately aroused. Of course, men and women are very different in bodily structure, and there are a lot of differences in orgasm technique and effect.

Science has looked further into the differences between the two sexes to find out more about which sex has the better orgasm. The results may interest you.

• Females have longer orgasms (lasing 20+ seconds compared to 3+ seconds)
• Males have more orgasms than females (95% rate compared to 69%)
• Gay women reportedly orgasm 12% more of the time than straight women
• Gay women reportedly have longer sexual intercourse than straight women
• Genetics play a huge role in a woman's ability to orgasm during sex
• Brain activity between men and women is the same during an orgasm
• Both genders find themselves sleepier after an intense orgasm
• Both males and females are capable of orgasms during their sleep
• Males are capable of a non-ejaculatory orgasm

So what's the verdict? Who has the better orgasm?

It turns out that males and females get about the same experience from orgasms, and this is an important detail in the connection that is made during sexual intercourse between two lovers.

Science has shown that men and women are aroused in very different ways, and even that one gender requires more time than the other, but nevertheless, the feelings are very much similar and one gender doesn't really experience a ‘better' orgasm than the other, per-se. In fact, both genders have used the same exact words to describe the feelings of an orgasm.

So there you have it!

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