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Do Men Cry As Much As Women?

WRITTEN BY: Anthony Bouchard

Listen up men, we know you want to feel tough and we know you have been taught to ‘suck it up' when things don't go your way because ‘that's life,' but it turns out you probably cry just as much as women do.

In fact, a study shows that boys may express their feelings more than women do as they're younger. Among these expressions, were frustration, fussing, and crying. As they grow up and become adults, these feelings aren't very likely to change.

In another study, adult males and females were rounded up and shown various videos ranging from happy to sad, and with electrodes attached to their fingers, scientists were able to track their emotional response.

The findings showed that some of the sadder videos provoked twice the emotional response in men than they did in women. Nevertheless, although they were in emotional distraught inside, they didn't seem to show it on the outside.

Despite having more of a reaction in their minds and hearts, men were reportedly consistent in showing less of an emotional response in their facial expression and behavior.

The results may not only be because men don't want to tarnish their tough image, but testosterone probably plays a big role as well. While it inhibits the crying response in men, women's prolactin production seems to promote the crying response more often.

Of course, society's own teaching may have had a lot to do with it too. When society shuns men who express their feelings and calls them unmanly, men are more likely to repress them just to show their dominance.

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