OCT 19, 2016 8:00 AM PDT

Run Your Assays Faster: Getting the Quantitative Answers You Need For N-Glycan, CE-SDS, and Charge Heterogeneity Applications Without the Wait


Event Date & Time
DATE: October 19th, 2016
TIME: 8:00 AM PT, 11:00 AM ET


Comprehensive characterization of protein therapeutics through highly quantitative data is crucial in order to eliminate risk to patients and your organization. Additionally, the ability to gather high resolution data while simultaneously shortening the overall analysis time without compromises improves your performance and that of your department, whether you work in biopharma or at a CRO. 
With the introduction of the Fast Glycan Labeling and Analysis Kit from SCIEX, you can now run glycans up to 5x faster than HILIC. Performing glycan sample prep, analysis and ID of 96 samples in a single day.  

CE-SDS analysis for molecular weight or purity determination has also been shortened while maintaining 3 logs of dynamic range (with UV detection) by cutting sample analysis time in half with the High Speed CE-SDS method. 

Lastly, Capillary Zone Electrophoresis (CZE) obtains high resolution charge heterogeneity information in significantly less time than traditional cIEF assays while simplifying your sample preparation.
Learning Objective 1: Introduce the Fast Glycan Labeling & Analysis Kit and method
Learning Objective 2: Discover 2x faster CE-SDS analysis
Learning Objective 3: Learn about rapid charge heterogeneity applications with CZE
Learning Objective 4: Review the importance of precise quantitation in biologics characterization

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