FEB 28, 2014 09:00 AM PST

A Comprehensive Array of Gene Panels Targeting Rare Inherited Disease Research

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  • Director of Population Genomics, Enterprise Genomics Solutions Boston Site Leader, Life Sciences Solutions, Thermo Fisher Scientific
      Corina Shtir is Director of Population Genomics and the Boston site leader for the Enterprise Genomics Solution (EGS) Team at Life Sciences Solutions, Thermo Fisher Scientific. She leads the Research & Development, Data Analysis and Interpretation of the EGS scientific group. Her work is focused on directing the execution of population-scale genomic medicine projects, and on designing and performing large-scale studies to identify disease-causing genes and genetic risk factors. Prior to joining Life Technologies, Dr. Shtir was a research scientist at the Wellcome Trust Sanger Center in the UK, where she led the data analysis for largest genetic study of Diabetes ever done. Corina is also specialized in: statistical modeling, population genetic studies, and the effect genetic ancestry has on disease association. She obtained her PhD in Biostatistics and Statistical Genetics at USC, and has performed PhD level work in Mathematics, Statistics, Population Genetics, Computational Biology, and Epidemiology.


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