APR 06, 2016 10:00 AM PDT

ACTIONSKETCHING + A Renown Leadership Expert = A More Impactful YOU

Sponsored by: LabLeaders, LabLeaders

Event Date & Time
DATE: April 6, 2016
TIME:  10:00am Pacific time, 1:00pm Eastern time


The LabLeaders team is pleased to deliver on the promise of connecting those invested in the success of laboratory medicine with the innovators in their field. Renown leadership expert Jeff Smith partners with Ink Factory to delve into the why and how coaching is a vital component to a successful workplace. Presented in a manner that synthesizes Jeff's spoken word into a visual language in real-time, the impact will powerful for all able to receive it - regardless of their role. 

Learning objectives:
  1. Participants will understand why they should seek out opportunities to be coached.
  2. Participants will understand how to be a good coach.
  3. Participants will understand how to integrate a coaching culture into their workplace - WITHOUT budgetary allocation.


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