NOV 11, 2015 10:30 AM PST

Agilent StreamSelect LC/MS System: Future solutions for the high throughput lab

  • Application Scientist, Agilent Technologies
      Kevin McCann is an application scientist at Agilent Technologies in Santa Clara, California where he focus on LC/MS workflows and solutions. He has contributed to the development of many analytical methods and customer collaborations as well as enabling technologies, such as the Agilent StreamSelect LC/MS system and MassHunter Examiner. Prior to his work at Agilent, Kevin was the laboratory manager of the biochemical genetics laboratory at Mount Sinai Hospital in New York where he also developed LC/MS methods for the analysis of warfarin, tamoxifen, acylcarnitine profiles, and amino acid profiles.


    Liquid chromatography triple quadrupole mass spectrometry (LC/MS/MS) is ideally suited for the direct and rapid analysis of prepared biological samples. While analysis times can be shortened through appropriate LC method choices, a user is often interested in only a portion of the total data collected by an LC/MS system. Typically, there is time during each chromatographic separation where no compounds of interest are being analyzed by the mass spectrometer, leaving the instrument under-utilized. The Agilent StreamSelect LC/MS Solution eliminates instrument idle time and maximizes productivity using highly integrated, intuitive software that allows users to run parallel HPLC streams in a staggered fashion. This system can provide up to four times the throughput of a traditional LC/MS system while remaining compatible with existing LC/MS methods. Through this presentation, attendees will learn about the various workflows supported by the Agilent StreamSelect LC/MS system and the quantitative performance achieved with this instrument.

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