JUN 09, 2021 8:00 AM PDT

Working with antigen-specific T cells

Sponsored by: Miltenyi Biotec

Event Date & Time

DATE: June 9, 2021

TIME:  8:00am PDT



Analyzing antigen-specific T cells is essential to understand fundamental immunological processes in the contexts of immuno-oncology, infectious diseases, autoimmunity as well as immune tolerance. Working with antigen-specific T cells can prove challenging to many researchers. Critically low cell frequencies, inflammatory environments, non-specific labeling, and high background often make analysis difficult. At Miltenyi Biotec, we offer a complete workflow that has been optimized at every step to address key challenges faced by researchers working with these rare cells. The ideal combination of products for sample preparation, cell stimulation, pre-enrichment and flow cytometry ensure successful analysis. There will be time for questions and discussion after the presentation.


Learning objectives:

  • Learn about our complete workflow for isolation, stimulation, enrichment and analysis of antigen-specific T cells
  • Which technologies enable efficient, gentle, and safe isolation of antigen-specific T cells for subsequent deep profiling by, e.g., single-cell genomics analyses?
  • Find out more about our products in various application examples


Webinars will be available for unlimited on-demand viewing after live event.

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