MAY 16, 2023 6:00 AM PDT

Automation Beyond the Benchtop Instrument: Integrated Workflows in Genomics with Live Q&A

Sponsored by: Automata


With the health economic benefits of genetic testing clear, testing is becoming more accessible, which means constantly increasing throughput requirements for already stretched genomics sequencing labs. For this reason, many lab managers turn to automation as a potential solution to solve for scale. Similarly, discovery labs using multi-omics workflows in drug discovery and research are working with ever increasing throughputs.

Today, when a genomics lab is automated, iit usually means a series of very specialized instruments that are still reliant on humans to tend to them with often mundane tasks like waiting for an instrument to complete a run and move consumables and samples through a workflow.

This talk will introduce the concept of "open integrated automation" as a means of achieving the full potential of automation in laboratory workflows, and to truly define automation beyond the benchtop instrument. Integrated automation connects the steps of the workflow both physically and digitally to create a seamless and hands-off process, to enable increasing throughput by up to 4x, while reducing hands-on times by up to 98%, all in the same space.

The open platform is vendor agnostic and collaborative, with a modular approach that can be modified and scaled as needed, keeping the needs of your lab in mind. This approach minimizes errors, reduces contamination risk, improves data quality, and saves valuable time for your scientists.

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