Making Cannalytical Chemistry Greener, Cleaner, and More Profitable



The analysis of Cannabis is important for the Health and Safety of a wide swath of the population.  The use of appropriate analytical tools to measure potency and other key metrics is becoming increasingly important.

We are seeing increased awareness of the need to be more environmentally sound in our practices by minimizing the dangerous solvents and high-energy-usage instruments.  The use of First Principles in Chromatography can lead to:
•    1000X savings in HPLC solvents
•    100X savings in Electric Usage
•    Higher degrees of employee safety by reducing exposure to carcinogens
•    Higher Profits for Cannalytical Labs 
•    Faster turn-around times for customers and immediate answers for grow-house making in situ decisions

Learning Objectives:

1. Create a safer laboratory environment for your employees.

2. Make your lab more efficient and less wasteful implementing capillary chromatography methods.

3. Use “First Principles” of chromatography to enhance your LOD’s, throughput, and profitability.

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