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CellSimple™ Cell Analyzer: Delivering Convenience, Versatility and Efficiency for Your Application Workflows

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  • Field Application Scientist, Cell Signaling Technology
      Jonah Riddell received bachelors in chemistry and physics from Saint Bonaventure University in New York. Continued education included a master's degree in oncology from Roswell Park Cancer Institutes' department of biophysics/biochemistry where he was the first to crystalize the ologomeric form of Peroxiredoxin 1. During Ph.D. work in the RPCI division of the State University of NY at Buffalo program in immunology and cancer immunity he identified and characterized a novel prostate cancer antigen, now in clinical trials, that was found to play multiple roles in promoting prostate cancer. Post-doctoral completed at the Harvard Stem Cell Institute/Boston Children's Hospital succeeded in reprogramming murine differentiated blood cells into hematopoietic stem cells in work that hopefully can be pushed to the clinic and help patients undergoing bone marrow transplants. Peer reviewed research articles and two patents have shown his investment in clinically oriented therapies toward cancer. He continues his goals of aiding researchers by providing reliable and quality products from Cell Signaling Technology to researchers and clinicians so that millions of researchers can bear the torches to illuminate numerous novel disease therapies.


    DATE:  November 10, 2016
    TIME:  9:00am PT, Noon ET

    The CellSimple™ Cell Analyzer enables quick and easy research assays, including functional cell-based assays, cell-model phenotyping, and both singular and multiplex protein quantification. The instrument combines a 488 nm laser with dual photomultiplier tubes, and Coulter-based cell measurements to provide fluorometric readouts and sample counts, while on-board software delivers easy-to-run application protocols and data analysis.  The bench top detection system is small enough to be placed on the bench or in the hood. A unique aspect of the instrument is that it relies on disposable cassettes for sample handling, which alleviates the need for start up/shut down instrument maintenance.
    Case studies presented will focus on cell health/apoptosis, cellular phenotyping, analysis of eGFP expressing populations, and protein quantification, using both cell-based and multiplexed bead-based assay methods. These studies include both customer and CST generated data, and will demonstrate how pairing the CellSimple Cell Analyzer with highly-validated complementary reagents, delivers fast assays and fast answers.  Conveniently located in your lab, the CellSimple Cell Analyzer delivers simplicity, versatility and efficiency to your daily work.

    Learning Objectives:

    • To understand the functionality of CellSimple Cell Analyzer in a variety of workspaces
    • To observe real world examples of CellSimple Cell Analyzer use in research laboratories

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